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An extraordinary, lonely yet spiritually strong little girl attempts to comprehend the adult world, which in her eyes is very contradictory, and to prove her own value despite the ignorance and lack of appreciation by her family in late 1930s. Bille tries to find an escape in her vivid imagination.

This autobiographical family drama based on a best-selling book by the award-winning Latvian author and a Nobel Prize candidate Vizma Belševica.

Movie ir Latvian with subtitles in English.




Rolling to you
(Tout le monde debout)

Jocelyn, a womanizer and a seducer, pretends to be paraplegic to secure a young caregiver and unexpectedly falls in love with her sister, who is in a wheelchair.

Movie in French with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.





In the movie, the forward of the Russian national team Yuri Stoleshnikov makes a mistake in an important match – he does not score a penalty. A scandal erupts, as a result of which Yuri finishes his playing career and leaves for a small town where he accepts the offer to start coaching at the local football club Meteor. As a trainer of Meteor, Stoleshnikov will have to start believing in himself again, and rehabilitation doctor Varya will play an important role in this.

Movie in Russian with subtitles in Latvian.




The Place
(The Place)

The fates of an apparently random group of strangers who each come into contact with a mysterious figure who they believe possesses the power to grant any wish, in return for which they must carry out a task he assigns them.

Movie in Italian with subtitles in Latvian and English.


Metropolitan opera Summer Encores

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Encore presentations offer another chance to see popular operas from the latest seasons in movie theatres on the big screen.

Series of premieres "Ladies First" go on

19.04.2018, Cinema news
The premiere of "Tully" on April 25 in especially feminine air!

Movies with your classmates - "Bille"

19.04.2018, Cinema news
From April 21 come and see the "Bille" movie together with your class-mates and get a discount ticket – 3.95 EUR!

This week's premieres (from April 13)

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Find out which movies make their debut on big screen this week!

Secret Premiere on April 25

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Are your ready to take a plunge into the unknown, to enjoy a new cinematic experience and widen your horizon of a cinema-goer? Then the Secret Premiere is just for you!

Attention customers

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Beginning December 1st, the age for children allowed to enter the cinema free of charge with parents or guardians has changed.

Tariffs reduced at STOCKMANN underground car park

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Good news for the moviegoers who are arriving to the film theatre "Kino Citadele" by car!

The film theatre "Kino Citadele" opens the most up-to-date cinema auditorium in the Baltics

19.04.2018, Cinema news
On Wednesday, 23 March, with the premiere screening of the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the most up-to-date cinema auditorium in the Baltics, SCAPE, will be opened at the film theatre Kino Citadele.

New - Cinema Gift Vouchers for Children

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Present an adventure to the smallest ones of the audience!

New way to pay at the cinema Kino Citadele

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Great news for all American Express members!

Take your time and enjoy movies in Kino Citadele without rush

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Park your car in Origo underground car park!

Now even bigger discounts to the members of Cinema Club

19.04.2018, Cinema news
We have happy news to all the members of Cinema Club – from July 1st we are raising the Cinema Club discount for the cinema tickets.

From now on discount for tickets purchased with American Express credit card also on the Internet!

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Buy tickets with American Express credit card and receive 15% discount for an adult ticket!

Report violation of cinema rules to staff!

19.04.2018, Cinema news
Now also by sending SMS to 1189!


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