Cinema Club

What is Cinema Club?

If going to cinema is one of your favourite pass-times and you would like to receive discounts and other bonuses, Cinema Club is for you!

Kino Citadele welcomes all film fans who follow all the latest releases, enjoy the quality of the big screen and professional sound and memorable moments in the cinema auditorium, to join our loyalty programme – Cinema Club.


How to register for Cinema Club?

You can register at or in any Forum Cinemas point of sale (ticket offices, Pophouse offices, Vertigo Roof Bar or Starcafe). Registration for Cinema Club is free of charge.

The price of the Cinema Club card is 1 EUR, regardless of whether the card is issued for the first time or repeatedly. You can get the Cinema Club card in the ticket offices or in StarCafe.

The partner cards can be also linked to the Cinema Club account, which can be done in any of the points of sale, in this case no additional fee is applied.


Bonuses of the Cinema Club

Members of the Cinema Club receive bonuses according to their status level in the Club - the more regularly you visit our cinema and purchase tickets, the higher status level and bigger discounts and bonuses you will receive.

Bonuses Cinema Friend  Cinema Fan   Cinema Guru
A discount from the regular ticket price for two tickets* to all films - the discount depends on your Cinema Club status level



Discounts at the PopHouse, Star Cafe, Hot'n Fresh cafe and rooftop  bar Vertigo.







"Family 3" and "Family 4" tickets are available
A possibility to receive invitations to exclusive premières of films      
A possibility to receive invitations to the Oscar Night special event      

* all price categories (except children’s and family tickets and special discount days), once for each film.


How to receive discounts?

To receive discounts before a purchase present your Cinema Club card at the box offices and cafes of the film theatre. Buy the Cinema Club card for EUR 1 at any sales place or register some of the loyalty cards of our partners.


What conditions apply to each of the status levels?

Cinema Friend – a profile should be registered at;

Cinema Fan – 18 or more tickets must be purchased during a period of 365 days;

Cinema Guru – 52 or more tickets must be purchased during a period of 365 days;


For any questions please write us to the address: and we will contact you.

Yours, Cinema Club



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