Mēs. Komanda (2012)
Genres: Documentary
For All Audiences For All Audiences

Team from support staff to goal scorers. What is the invisible side of the results? Riga Dinamo is making a journey of thousands of kilometres from one city to another in Russia – it is a test to players and to staff… Everyone has to sacrifice something so that the team achieves the result. Family, time, ambitions. That is the professional side of sports, we perceive it, but now we will see it. Men work until 8 in the morning the whole night at the site of the game so that the players can put on their uniforms and start the fight in the afternoon … Players do not see daylight because they live according to Latvia time in Siberia. The second son comes into the world in the family of Janis Sprukts during this tour… One’s own people among strangers – Oļegs Znaroks , Edgars Masaļskis – frankly, bitterly, truthfully.

Tour … and sense of presence through it. Emotions of hockey players and coaches, the “ live” commentaries on the benches, during the game, in the cloakrooms after the victories and losses. Emotions against the background of the cities of Russia. And the peak – together with the team in the games of exclusion.

Cast: "Rīgas Dinamo" players, staff, fans, Edgars Masaļskis, Oļegs Zanroks.

Directed by: Armands Tripāns, Dāvids Ernštreits

Movie in Latvian.

Release Date: 02.05.2012
Length: 1h 10 min
Production company: Sports da Vision
Distributor: Sports da Vision


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