Birthday celebrations in the cinema Kino Citadele 

Dzimšanas dienas svinības kinoteātrī

Dzimšanas dienas svinības kinoteātrī

Invite your family and friends and celebrate your birthday in a jolly and original way in the cinema "Kino Citadele". You will only have to take care of good company and your good spirits to combine the birthday celebration with the viewing of a new movie. The cinema "Kino Citadele" will present the hero of the day with a free of charge ticket to the show, a free of charge special popcorn package, it will also let you and your guests see from the backstage how films are shown during a special free of charge tour of the services rooms of the movie theatre. We offer your guests to buy tickets and special popcorn packages for particularly attractive birthday celebration prices. 
We offer the following birthday celebration packages (any package comprises a free of charge ticket to the show, a free of charge special popcorn package for the hero of the day and a free of charge tour of the services rooms of the movie theatre):

  Package contains 2D movie 3D movie


  • Child ticket (up to 12 years)
  • Child popcorn combo
    small popcorn + small soft-drink in take-away mug

10.99 €/pers.

11.99 €/pers.

11.99 €/pers.

12.99 €/pers.


  • Adult ticket
  • Adult popcorn combo
    medium popcorn + medium drink

14.40 €/pers.

16.40 €/pers.

15.20 €/pers.

17.20 €/pers.

Drinks available with the Birthday pop-corn set: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite (on the tap), water Neptunas (bottled, still or carbonated).

Minimal number of birthday guests – 6, maximal – 15.

How to book a birthday party?
For a weekend birthday party, booking is required before Thursday, 12:00, on the same week.
For a weekday birthday party, booking is required at least 3 workdays in advance.
To apply, please fill in the application.

We will process the application and send you the confirmation and description at your e-mail address.
Please read the FAQ section. You can also write us at or call 67357608 (Monday thru Friday, 9:00 – 17:00).
How many guests do I show if their exact number is still unknown?
State the maximum amount. You will have to pay only for the guests that show up.
What is the time of excursion?
The excursions start 30 minutes before the movie and last for about 20 minutes. If your movie starts before 13:00, the excursion will take place after the movie.
How it happens?
You will receive an e-mail with detailed description of the event, including:
- time of arrival;
- time the excursion starts;
- total cost;
- directions where to go.
Other details will be explained by our staff once you arrive at the cashier’s desk.
What time do we have to arrive?
We expect you to be in the movie theater at least 50 minutes before the movie starts – this will give you enough time to pay for the tickets and receive details about the event from our staff.

How come I can’t see the movie times for the chosen day?
The movies are scheduled on Mondays for the period of current week Friday until next week Thursday. The current schedules are available at the home page beginning Tuesday.

Order form

Once we receive the form, we will contact you for the details of your visit to the movie theater.

Important information

The order form has to be filled in completely, otherwise it will be considered invalid.

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