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Mummy screenings at Kino Citadele

Wishing to please all the future and existing mummies, we offer full relax and rest from the daily rush, vociferation and bustle. After several years of absence, Mummy screenings return to Kino Citadele!

Enjoy a special session featuring more quite sound and light, area for changing the diapers to let you enjoy the movie for its entire duration, trolley storage compartment and a gaming area for the youngest visitors in front of the audience, so that they, being kept an eye on, could have fun and let their mummies rest.

To make the visitors feel even more special and valued, Kino Citadele has taken care of the exciting contests, useful prizes and educational lectures just before the movie!

We have also thought about mummies with older kids and arranged the mummy sessions within the Kids Morning event – one weekend a month!

Follow our monthly events and be the first to obtain tickets for this session!

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