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World level exhibitions on the big screen

World-class exhibitions and art collections from the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the Luxembourg Museum, the Orsay Museum in Paris, the National Gallery in London, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the National Museum in Oslo, Munch Museum, Tate Modern in London and MoMA New York in six shows on the big screen for each and every art-lover presented on the third year of collaboration between the Latvian National Museum of Art and its department of foreign art, the Art Museum Riga Bourse, and the film theatre Kino Citadele of SIA Forum Cinemas.

The films show priceless artworks from the exhibitions and collections as well as take spectators through the creative and technical process of putting the exhibitions together; deeper insight in what artworks can tell about their authors and time of their creation is given by historians and various experts.

Shows in English, without subtitles.

20. jūlijā VINCENT VAN GOGH – A NEW WAY OF SEEING Info and tickets
3. augustā MANET – PORTRAYING LIFE Info and tickets
17. augustā I, CLAUDE MONET Info and tickets
7. septembrī THE IMPRESSIONISTS – And The Man Who Made Them Info and tickets
21. septembrī MUNCH 150 Info and tickets
5. oktobrī MATISSE Info and tickets


Ticket prices:
  • Regular ticket - 10.50 €
  • Cinema Club:
    • Cinema Friend – 9.95 €
    • Cinema Fan – 8.90 €
    • Cinema Guru – 8.40 €

At the cinema Box-Office season subscription available for a special price – 6 tickets for 49.20 € (1 ticket for 8.20 €).


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